The Adirondack Soaring Association is a organization dedicated to helping its members learn and enjoy the sport of Soaring. We've been Everywhere and it's been our pleasure to meet all of you!

We hope that we have begun to open up the world of Soaring to the community in new ways.

We invite you to come on out and fly! The club operates primarily on weekends and most holidays, April 1st through November 25th from 10:00AM to Sunset.

The Club's current base of operation is Saratoga County Airport, in Saratoga Springs, New York.

ASC 2016 Ground School!


Adirondack Soaring Association’s
2016 Glider Ground School

The following information is subject to change. Please check back often.


  • When: March 12th  2016 & March 13th 2016
  • Time: Saturday: 0800-1730 | Sunday: 0800-1730
  • Where: PBA Field House
    53 Weible Ave, Wilton, NY 12866
  • FEE: There is no charge to ASC club members | $50 for non-members to cover the insurance for classroom use

    (Yes, even club members! | Click to Register.

  • Intent: To provide the student with the requisite knowledge to successfully pass the FAA Private Pilot-Glider Written Examination and to provide a general overview to the public about sailplanes and soaring.



Contact: Tom MacJarrett (518) 761-9928 (H), or Tim Hanke (518) 693-6849



LIMITED SPACE - Click to Register

Adirondack Soaring Has a New Hanger!



Adirondack Soaring Association new hanger is up. Please see us at the RED hanger!



ASC to Host Freedom's Wings

The Adirondack Soaring Association (ASC) will be hosting it's 5th Annual Freedom Wings of America Weekend in October  at the Saratoga County Airport (5B2).

As we have done for the past 4 years, we work with the pilots and members of Freedom's Wings of America (FWI) based in Coopersburg, PA. ( at the Saratoga County Airport to provide free sailplane rides to individuals with disabilities from all over the area. Utilizing a specially equipped Grob 103, 2-seat Sailplane as well as our clubs own standard Grob 103 Acro (BP), we'll be providing them 20-40 minute flights in the skies over Saratoga Springs. This year again, we'll have several disabled American Veterans taking flights as well as other individuals with a variety of physical disabilities.

ASC Chief Flight Instructor Tom MacJarrett and Commercial Pilot, Chris "Stewie" Ryan, originally made the connection with FWI and brought this event to ASC club members. This event is focused on giving members of our community a unique opportunity to enjoy this amazing sport or see the area from the skies like we do when we fly. As in the past, ASC members have sponsored each flight and taken on the responsibility to host the pilots from Freedoms Wings as well as provide much needed physical support to safely transfer individuals from their wheelchairs into the sailplanes.

Operations start around 10:00am, with flights starting around 10:30 until 5:00 today (October 10th) and again tomorrow (October 11th). Visit for more information!

Notice To Members & Visitors

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